What I’ve learned…

I’ve learned a few things these past few days….
1. You can truly eat WHATEVER you want. As I’m doing this calorie counter thing I am realizing that I can eat WHATEVER I want. Last night I REALLY wanted to dip my chicken fingers in ranch dressing… so I gave myself 1 tbsp and just ate it really sparingly, and ended-up only eating 1/2 of the 1 tbsp. And… I was happy. I also did the same thing with my fry sauce. You don’t need to take the fry and swirl it in the stuff… you just need a little dab… I’m slowly learning.
2. Those chicken fingers are actually good, and they have 14 grams of fiber in them. I highly recommend. Conner LOVED them… I ground-up a whole bag of that stuff, so it’ll be really easy to make next time . I also found that you dont need it ground into the finest crumbs — the larger tibits were tasty too…
3. You’ve gotta watch your credit cards. Someone did an errant charge on ours, of course I went through the whole rig-a-ma-role of changing the card out and it was a huge pain, but they just issued our credit. I wish that the credit card people would look into people who make fraudulent charges. I mean, I understand if it’s the wrong number put in by seomeone online, but I always worry those companies are scamming hundereds of people out of dollars (and I know a LOT of people don’t check their credit card bills very closely).
4. The easter egg thing was a big hit the first night. I highly recommend.
5. My lab tests came back. My thyroid is fine, but my glucose was 102. It does put me in a pre-diabetic range (but just barely). My doctor says to lose weight… um… duh. She said no soda or juice (which I probably have a small glass every 2 weeks, or less), of course she also said the cut-down on the baked goods. I’m trying, I’m hoping the calorie counting will help. Has anyone ever had a high fasting glucose level?

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    I took a HgbA1C test awhile back and measured 5.8 and I guess 6 is diabetic. My Mom and Aunt have been diagnosed with diabetes so I’m trying to keep an eye on it. And with my pregnancies each one measured higher in the blood gluclose. I worry that if I ever have another baby It will push me over the edge.

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    Hmm, don’t know anything about the glucose thing, but it sounds like you are doing awesome with your eating! Go Hilary!

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    By chance do you have PCOS? They checked my Thyroid FOREVER before they figured out what I had… and I was pre-dibetic too… just a thought.

    Good job with the eating healthy!