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I am officially done with my 2006 pictures.
For those of you who haven’t gotten around to mocking my OCD, I am a strictly chronological scrapper. The one upside (and believe me, I’ve already been lectured several times on the downsides to my VERY un-creative process) is that once they’re all done I create a DVD with all our pictures, scrapbook pages and movies that we’ve taken through out the year, put it to music and voila — our Family DVD 2006.
The kids love it.
But, I’m wondering if there are other scrapbookers out there that do anything similar, and if they have a program that they love? Right now I use WinDVD because that’s what came with my computer. I use the Windows Movie Maker when I do stuff for clients, but as it is now (and I acutally like Movie Maker better then the one I have right now) it won’t burn DVD’s so I’d still have to transfer the movies I make there to win DVD to burn them.
Also, do you have favorite songs? I was gonna put that Manamana on by Cake, but I forgot. So far, my musical selections are fairly ecclectic. I have some sesame street, some Take 6 (a vocal group), some John Williams (guess what part of the year he might be scoring for us), some Jim Brickman, some Enya (what’s a DVD without Enya). Anyway, I’m just wondernig if you guys do this too and have any helpful suggestions.
If you don’t, I highly recommend it. On Fast Sundays when our family doesn’t do our fancy breakfast together, we sit down and watch one of our many DVD’s together. It’s been a lot of fun and I can’t tell you how much the kids adore them. I also enjoy that theyre able to look at the scrapbook pages without bending them.
OCD, I think we’ve already been over that.

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  1. says

    Hi Hilary. It’s Allison’s sister Emily again. I hope you don’t care that I totally read your blog. You just have so many cute ideas…not to mention quirky thoughts! I just thought I’d put in my two cents here because I actually do a fair amount of video editing. When I first started I was using Windows Movie Maker but found that it really restricted me in a lot of areas…especially in the number of audio tracks I could use. So I’ve now switched to using Adobe Premiere to build the movies and Adobe Encore DVD to make menus and burn them. They are both really stinking expensive (mine are not legit copies, I am ashamed to admit), but if you’re used to using PS, you would probably really like them. As for burning software to use with WMM, I used Nero and found it to work only so so.

    As for song ideas, Joy Williams has some really cool songs for this type of video. My favorite of hers is called “Every Moment” but “I’m in Love With You” and “We” are also good.

    And I don’t think you’re OCD. I do the same thing as you. Of course, maybe that just means we’re both OCD. We must be kindred spirits…

  2. Anonymous says

    Hi Hilary,

    I read your blog faithfully after I discovered you on 2peas. I love your scrapbooking style. I have a question for you: since you’re caught up on your 2006 scrapbooking, I assume that you don’t scrap every picture you take. How do you decide which ones to scrap? Do you have a system, or do you just scrap what you like? Thanks, and I hope Blogger lets me publish this since I don’t have an account and have to do this anonymously. . .

    Amy (lrumom on 2peas)

  3. says

    Wow – that is a good idea – I wonder if Ihave something like that already on my computer. I am a rock girl so my song choices would be on the heavier side but Two doors down has some good songs for a DVD and Daughtry’s “Coming Home” is a good one too. But again only if you want a rockin’ family video! :-)

    On and yes you are OCD on the chronological thing. ūüėõ Go crazy once in a while and do something not chronological or on your scrapping to do list. It’s fun!!

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