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So, the calorie counting isn’t going so well. I’m kind of trying to keep track in my head, but when you go out to eat it makes it awfully difficult to figure it out.
I am riding my parents stationary bike in the AM, every weekday that I’ve been here. My dad took me to his little gym and I was sore ALL weekend, and many of the machines I couldn’t add any weight to. That was totally a reality check. Although I tend to use low weight, with a ton of reps — doing machines every now and then most definitely wouldn’t be a bad thing. My hospital just opened-up an employee gym (to use the physical therapy room in its “off” hours), so I am thinking I might like to do that in the evenings or on the weekend.
So, what are you tips for eating well when you’re eating out a lot. OF course, that tip can’t include not eating the Fetuccine alfredo at Brick Oven…. I mean, I’m a girl of will, but not THAT much will.
I am also considering a visit to Cafe Rio and Magelby’s fresh (stuffed breadstick with alfredo also not on your basic diet plate).

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    Yeah, don’t skip the Brick oven alfredo. It would be a SIN.

    I do know that you can ask any restaurant for their nutrition info on their menu and they will give it to you. WW has people do that to calculate points, but they’ll give you a calorie number, a fat count and fiber count and all that jazz.

    At least it will help you make better choices.

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    It’s always hard for me to figure out points when eating out. Some resturants have points noted. WW was always good to say you can eat whatever but in moderation. I did good for a while and it seems like I still try not to get too full, but I haven’t done the walking and hiking like I did in the past. So the lbs have come back. I think it all has to work together.

    BTW Katie and Richard want to know how to have kids like yours! They thought they were so cute and good! Hope you get to see her little house.

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    I just remembered

    It has a list of a TON of restaurants and their menus, nutrition values and WW points. Sometimes it only has point value, but it often has all the info there.

    Just scroll down and click on restaurants. You always have to scroll down past the tons of ads to get to whatever you click on. Helpful site.

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