Sunday, May 20, 2007

2 Hour Bag

So, it turns-out the Amy Butler bag is only a 2 hour bag, which isn't bad for a first attempt. That's even cutting out the pattern, and cutting out the fabric, and a bit of figuring-out the pattern as I went.

I think it's pretty cute, what do you think? I have 2 more sets of fabric to do next. Me like it... but I'd like to figure how to put a closure on it. Thinking about a velcro tab nex time... or something.


  1. Very cute! Let me know when I can put in an order!! :D

  2. miranda7:40 PM

    Love the bag, it turned out super cute!

  3. Pour moi, probably about 4 hours...

    I totally love it though...tres chic!

  4. super cute!!! i'm in love!

  5. Love it! I'm sure it would take me all day to do it, though. : (

  6. Liking the bag and fabrics you choose. Kinda tricky though doing the velcro closure since the back is reversible. You would see the the velcro piece when you reversed it. You're a whipper snapper!

  7. Love this! Wish I could do more than sew on a button...kudos to you for being so versatile! Oh--and got my Canon Rebel package love already. You are totally my inspriation! I will probably be emailing you with ??'s. Oh--and happy late birthday!

  8. Very cute bag - I like the color combo. Your straps are shorter than mine I think (that's a good thing). Are they all one piece? Mine is joined at the top and the weight of the purse is pulling them apart so I think I will need to undo them and just tie a knot.


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