Thursday, May 31, 2007

5 freaking hours

That's right, FIVE HOURS OF SWIMSUIT shopping last night -- no less, it was after a trip to the A's game with both boys (who mostly wanted to beg me to get them a treat rather then watch the game -- it was cold, and we ended-up going home early, but I still thougt it was fun -- looking back -- didn't think it was so fun during the whine-fest). So, now I'll give the review of swimsuit stores that I shopped at:
A) Mervyns -- they didn't have a SINGLE plus-size swimsuit in the bunch. By plus-size I mean I found one 16 top -- that was it. Hoewver, they have a LOT of cute tops for the smaller girls... and they're the cheapest that I found. I did find some size 18 bottoms, that was it.
C) Kohl's -- I finally found a rack of larger suits here. I found a couple that I put on hold but I still went shopping elsewhere. I didn't end-up buying from them, but they had a decent selection. I did end-up getting a cover-up here. They had a nice selection of knit cover-ups (I wanted a terry cloth one, but I never found one I liked).
D) JCPenny -- JCPenny apparently thinks that those who are above a size 14 are cows -- because that's what all the larger swimsuits look like. I mean, REALLY SAD looking swimsuits. Didn't find a decent cover-up here either. They had a fair number of gauzy-looking ones. But that was NOT what I wanted.
E) Macy's -- this particular macy's doesn't carry swimwear. It's a decent-sized macy's... not the 2nd biggest one west of the mississippi -- which, yes, is 2 minutes from my work, but if you're gonna shop swimwear there -- call beforehand.
F) Sears -- they do carry Lands End there -- I think it'd be nice to at least try-on at Sears, and get an idea of their sizing and then order them online (they seem to be the same price at Sears as they are online). However, they only had up to size 14 in Lands End, so that didn't help me much. I found mine in the women's section. They had the largest number of fuller-sized swimsuits and they weren't meant for cows -- just larger versions of the smaller suits -- which is all a fat girl wants... OK? Bad for cover-ups though.
Anyway, those are my thoughts on swimwear for the day. Frankly, I'm glad the whole day is over... it was a fight to the bitter end, yes it was.
BTW, total cost for my suit was around 47 bucks -- that was for the top and the bottom. I have found that a lot of places are carrying the tankinis as pairs. I think it's a bit nicer to be able to buy one sized top and another sized bottom, but this way worked out fine.
ETA: I apparently left my letter B in one of the changing rooms.


  1. You have much more stamina than I do. I would have been done by option B. BTW...where exactly is option B?

  2. Ooh - thanks for all the info. I will be doing some swimsuit shopping as soon as I muster up the courage to go try them all on.

  3. Anonymous1:09 AM

    Try Lane Bryant next time, or order one from a catalog or online.


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