Thursday, May 24, 2007

Full Warranty

So, our van's under a full 1 year warranty. Which, a girl would think covers most everything -- except for maybe windshield wipers, oil changes -- I get that kind of stuff. So, our check engine light comes on. I thought it might be the gas cap, so I tightened that but it still didn't go off (they said it should go off within a day or 2 if the gas cap is the issue). So, this morning we dragged ourselves out of bed early to take the car in... only to be told that our warranty covers repairs but it doesn't cover the diagnostics.
So, they'll fix it -- but we have to pay for them to find-out what's wrong.
What's up with that?
AND, how much ARE the diagnostics? Why, funny you should ask... 125 bucks.
So, I'm guessing we'll find-out this whole thing is "nothing" but in the book it says they'll void our warranty if we drive with the check engine on for a prolonged period of time.
Uh huh....
Catch 22.
I'm hoping this is all just a big mis-understanding and we'll have it all figured out by this afternoon.
P.S. I worked last night, can you sense I'm a little tired and bitter. Did I mention I went to an hour-long meeting about trash? That's a post for another time.

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