Friday, May 18, 2007

Genious mom, genious child

I am thinking of going to Joann's and getting some fabric to make the CUTEST Amy Butler bag. Isn't it adorable? I want a bag out of a very cute fabric, and I've hard that her patterns are great and I bought one before spring break and I'm just excited to use it. Has anyone done one of her patterns yet?
Anyway, back to Spencer. We do a lesson every day, this includes some flash cards, some workbooks and this particular day we got to build an airplane from a pattern. He LOVES the lesson time my friends. Most likely because I heap on him giant amounts of attention and love. It also involves a very small number of jelly beans when he's been epecially good at concentrating. Anyway, I want to put more pictures on my blog because I think it makes it more intersting, and I'd like to take more pictures of our family in general, so here's a recent favorite.


  1. Wow, girl, you are way too ambitious for me! How do you get everything done?! I just don't get it!!!

    Btw, would your hubby like his new and fabulous blog linked on the family blog? Let me know! (and congrats to him on having such a wonderful wife to help him out!)

  2. K, LOVE that picture. And I love this song....:)

    Happy Birthday tomorrow!

  3. way cute bag!!! i want to see pics when you make it! you're too cool!


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