Saturday, May 19, 2007


It's my birthday and I'm special too. :)
I used to be VERY secretive about my birthday, but then I think it was Shannon who would tell EVERYONE she met that it's her birthday. I think that's kinda fun. So, although I didn't tell everyone I've met so far that it's my birthday... I haven't been secretive about it.
Here's the BEST part of the whole birthday thing... I'm ALONE. That's right, Drew took the boys to the Father's and Son's camping trip and I've been able to have girls night, clean up a bit, do yardwork and just enjoy myself. Even though I got-up at 7 am to do yardwork it was so nice to do it on my schedule and not have to be yelling at the kids. {sigh}
Who knew a person's favorite thing would be to be alone?
I just went to our block sale. It totally rocks. If anyone's nearby you should come on by. I just spent 7 bucks and my kids are gonna LOVE me... plus I got a new viewfinder so they can play those things together. Let's see, a new coat for Spencer, some books, a fireman's outfit for the dress-up bin. I think that's about it.
The big 3-1 my friends, and I feel like this birthday does seem to be a little more painful then the big 3-0. However, it's hard to feel badly about your life when you are as blessed as I am.
Now, it's off to Joann's, I went to Hancock Fabric last night, and got a couple of pieces of fabric, but I'd like to see what else is out there. After all, I've gotta use my alone time wisely. :)


  1. Happy Birthday, Girlfriend! Funny how Father-Son outing is the same here, there and in AZ this weekend! One more year until ALL of my little ones venture off with Dad...yippee! Enjoy your freedom and quiet time...and then make them spoil you rotten when they get home! :) Happy Day!

  2. Happy Birthday! I totally agree that alone time is the one fo the greatest gifts ever.

    Hope you find some yummy fabric. :D

  3. I'm so NOT alone and so JEALOUS.

  4. Many Happy Returns of the Day to you.

  5. Happy Birthday To You! Birthdays are great and meant to be exploited as much as possible. Seriously, there's the actual Birthday, the Birthday week, the Birthday month, etc. If you play your cards right you can extend the fun well into June!

  6. Happy Birthday! I keep forgetting that we're a week apart in age... craziness!!

    Happy 31!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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