Monday, May 21, 2007

A Jolly Holiday

I had a DElightful birthday. From girls night on Friday (and being able to balance my checkbook in peace), to roaming the yard sale alone on Saturday AM. Then, my friend Ginger took me to lunch at this great restaurant. They're building a new one in Campbell by the Chicken Coop. I'm thinking next girls night we need to try this place!
The boys made it home safely, and on Saturday night Drew and I went out with some friends. We had a great time. Always love to go out with friends, and we don't do it as a couple as often as we should.
Then, on Sunday the boys gave me my presents (Conner gave me a kitchen scale so I could more accurately measure the items I'm eating -- which is nice since he tells me how fat I am. Spencer gave me a utensil thing to put by the stove (our current one is SADLY out-dated). Drew gave me a gift card to Kohls (the gift that will keep on giving), church was good, and then my friend Janna made me dinner and a cake.
Just a birthday to remind me how lucky I am, how many dear friends I have and that I'm a very blessed 31 year old.
Of course, now it's Monday and all the fun is done, and I'm left cleaning my sink. It's always hard to come back to reality.


  1. Happy Birthday! I wish I was there to celebrate! Your 30th birthday was such a blast. I hope you had tons of fun!

  2. You're a great lunch date. Glad you liked Aqui's It was such a nice day out to stroll downtown Willow Glen. I'll be making some of those very cute clippies for baby Delila someday. Thanks for letting me share your day with you. Does that count fot VT?

  3. Happy belated Birthday!! Hey - I have a friend named Janna too (she's on the East Coast).


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