Wednesday, May 02, 2007

My Little Stinkbug

So, basic premise of this recital, all the bugs are at a picnic and they're having a gay old time, they sing songs and feel the love til' the stinkbugs come. Then, they all hate the stinkbugs, they then hurt the stinkbugs feelings, and they sing a song about how they can get down but things will change. And then they all feel the love together.
Conner plays the tricky role of both a stinkbug AND a firefly. you can see his costume change when he turns his firefly headband to the back... it's a pretty delicate role reversal, but he seems to take it with ease. We weren't in the best place to catch Conner but you've juts gotta know these first graders can SING. And sing LOUD. It was great, can't get enough of Conner's teacher for helping to put this all together. We love Miss Dodson with all our hearts. She is a rockstar. As much as I thought no one would be better then Mrs. Ross last year. I was sadly mistaken, Conner has had a great year so far.

1 comment:

  1. Very cute. You're right..they sure can sing!

    Although, I'm wondering if you should send a copy of this to Mr. Sway Boy's mom. :)


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