Thursday, May 10, 2007

A New Favorite Show

Has anyone seen John and Kate plus 8? I'm not sure if that link will work -- it's on TLC, and it's the story of a couple who has 2 six year olds (twins) and 6 2 year olds (sextuplets). They had problems conceiving the natural way and fertility treatments got them to this point. I mean, I love the whole big family aspect. I enjoy seeing how they make ends eat (Kate's a BIG grocery shopper -- using sales and coupons to keep her family going -- she's got me back using coupons again).
However, what I like most of all is that relationship between John and Kate. I enjoy seeing that couples have ginormous fights and that's just the way it is, it doesn't mean that we don't love each other or that we should get divorced, it just means that we're under pressure. John and Kate are under more then your usual pressure and they apparently don't mind fighting a bit on camera. Then, they have them give commentary to the moments that the TV show caught and those are hilarious. Anyway, I even made Drew watch it last time because I find myself as a Kate. The mom that wants control of EVERYTHING and barking orders to her husband. I only have two kids (sigh).
Anyway, watch it, very funny, and you'll learn a lot about yourself as well.
Just realized their family has their own website.


  1. Wish I could watch...but alas, I cannot. Sounds great, though.

  2. I loveeee that show. I think they are the funniest. Did you see the before and after episodes of her belly? It has convinced me to have the surgery too! Well maybe when I am 40.


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