Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The Sad Truth

About my weight loss, that is. I just realized that I have been working out at LEAST 3 times a week (most often more) since school started, and I haven't lost a single pound.
What does one learn from such devastating news?
1) It's not all about working out. Regardless of what Denise Austin and the trainers at My Workout tell me, it's NOT about that. I do think that I've gotten sick less often, I am gainig muscle I didn't have before... but losing weight is not about working out.
2) There are hidden calories. Calorie counting has given me a little swift kick in the butt... I eat too much fat, I don't eat a lot of calories in general, but I do eat too much fat.
3) A freakin' lot of it is genetics. You'd think after 9 months of working out a person could at least get out of the obsese weight range, but I'm not -- I'm not even close. I still have another 50 pounds before I let that door shut.
Soo..... I'm gonna keep on calorie counting, and shockingly, I will keep working out. I do think it has benefits even if it's not a slim, trim figure. BTW, as of last month (I haven't measured yet this month) there have been no inches lost. Nada. Again, I journey on.


  1. My mom has pounded it into my brain that it is 80% diet and 20% exercise, and that if your diet is a problem, exercise won't help you lose weight.

    I believe it.

  2. Okay Hillary, here's the thing (coming from someone who's weight goes up and down faster than a roller coaster), you need to start taking your measurements as well as weighing in. I have hit many a moment when the scale didn't budge but the inches started to shrink and that kept me motivated. Are you doing weights as well as cardio? Also I just finished reading "You, on a Diet" and while I'm a big fan of WW as it's pretty healthy, I learned some new stuff such as how much hidden sugar there is in foods and a couple of tricks to tame the appetite. Journaling is also the best thing for me, as it keeps me honest, but then you already know this trick. Hang in there!!!!

  3. My sister is an exercise science major/graduate and told me the same thing as Lara said...if you actually want to lose fat, it's almost all about the food (dang!).

    I also believe weights are good...build more muscle so that you will more efficiently burn fat when you do cardio.

    Keep up the good attitude!

  4. I have also heard that it's 80% diet and 20% excercise. And I believe it too! So I am seriously considering WW - I'll let you know how it goes. I have also decided that working out, for me, has to be about being healthy and not skinny. So good for you, your body may not be changing on the outside, but you're doing it a lot of good on the inside.


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