Monday, May 14, 2007

SICK of it

This morning I saw something about Scientology on the today show and how their church is mad about how people make fun of them.
Well, frankly -- when Tom Cruise goes on the today show and calls Matt Lauer (Matt, Matt) glib... I would expect to get a little flack. I do think their church runs out into the press to get the limelight a lot though, and many of their members are "stars", however, regardless no one should make fun of someone's "church" (is Scientology actually a church, religion -- not really sure. Anyway,that's not what the blog is about.
Is anyone ELSE SICK of hearing that Mit Romney just can't be elected because he's a Mormon? They still act like we're some cult with ritualistic followers, it's just insane. I mean, I would guess that most Americans know a Mormon, and most likely they're some of their favorite neighbors who invest a lot of time in their kids, their family and their community, and regardless of how our religion is different, isn't that who you want to be president anyway?
Alright, stepping off soapbox now. Have a great day everyone, bask in your post-mother's day bliss. :)


  1. Did you watch the Glenn Beck show with Rev Al Sharpton on it? Glenn really gave it to him for mouthing off about Mitt Romney and how he comes from a bigot church. The funny thing is...Mitt's father marched with Martin Luther King, yeah, some bigot. I'm with you, I hate how it's not an attack on his politics, it's an attack on religion. Go figure!

  2. Yes it bugs me to no end.

    Also, regarding the above comment, I didn't see that, but I just barely found out that Glenn Beck is LDS himself! (Big article on him in LDS living) I was shocked! Good for him for standing up to Al.

  3. Geez Glen Beck for Vice Pres! I was just going to say how I just left the gym and saw Glen Beck on TV say he would rather 60 mintues had asked Mitt about his foreign policy last night instead of wether he engaged in premarital sex. Mitt Romney is an economist at heart so ya' gotta love that. But people are suspisious of his good looks. Like that has anything to do with being president either whatever.

  4. I must have missed all the Mitt Romney stuff when I was out of town, but it sounds crazy! Just wanted to say that the whole scientology thing confuses me too. It just always seems when people (the stars that is) are asked about it they are so secretive.

  5. My husband just told me about that Romney issue that he heard on Rush. Kind of makes me laugh becuase the liberals were up in arms about Bush and his religious values - it would serve them right if Romeny got elected!! hee hee!


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