Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The View

So, Rosie's off. Hip-hip horray. I hate the View though. I hate how Barbara didn't acknowledge that Rosie was eating Elizabeth EVERY day on that show, and for once Elizabeth tries to fight back and Rosie FA-REAKS out on her own. I wish Elizabeth would leave. She deserves to stay home with her kiddos. Everyone says that Rosie will have a great career now, I sure hope not. I will most likely put my dollar where my thoughts are when people chose to sponsor a show she does.....
On a stupid-er note... I think I deleted a message that was on our machine when we got back... so if you called, and I haven't called you back, I'm REALLY sorry. I'm fairly sure it was CK wanting to do a book deal... oh well. :)


  1. Now I am curious to see some of the footage between the two of them. Not sure why Rosie was leaving but I really hope this doesn't give her career a boost. How can it?!

  2. You know it was Joy that started the cat fight that day. She pulls out that list and with a angered voice started reading it! But then I see Joy on the Foodnet work and she's the MC for the Pillsbury cook off. I think she's kind of funny. I don't watch the View but I watched the clip on YouTube-sorry but Joy's on the same page as Rosie in my reading...


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