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So, I’m changing callings. It’s not a huge shocker. I’ve been in the Activities Comitee for 2 years now… and frankly, I’m activitied-out. :) It’d be nice to invite a non-member family to an activity every now and then now that I’m not running around like a chicken with no head running the activities. :)
However, I must say I’m not too secretive about what my callings are… I’ve told many of my friends what my new calling is.
What’s the official church view on this?
It seems like they want you to keep it quiet until you’re sustained.
Is there a reason for that? I’m not much one for secrets…
Or, like Drew and his drum majors, he likes to keep the suspense up to keep the peeps awake. :)
BTW, it’s not a huge calling — I’m excited for it though.
BTW — my fav. drum major did very well in her interview. I have high hopes for her… and I hear I have some influence with the director. :)

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    No idea what the official word is. I just know that nobody tells until they announce it in Sacrament meeting. Well, SOME people do. :)

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