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So, the new calling is a Relief Society Teacher.
Check me out.
Now, I have heard that no one opposed me (shocking, but true) — Drew may be lying, becuase I was out helping a friend find a lost sheep (long story).
Anyway, so activities are out, lessons are in.
Ladies, I have always thought that a bit of false doctrine kinda spiced stuff up… are you with me there? :)

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  1. says

    WooHoo! You’ll be a great RS teacher. Yeah you’ll add a bit a spice to the lessons. What lessons do you teach? Did you take Jana’s place. So glad Jana is stil in RS. She’ll be great on the Enrichment committee.

  2. says

    You’ll be an awesome Relief Society teacher. What would I give to be there for your lessons?! Let me know how it goes and if you get any random random comments.

  3. says

    ok… so i found your blog through maryruth… and i love it!

    rs teacher would be my dream calling! how fun!

    anyway… thanks for sharing…

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