A Fridge Update

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With all my seaworld excitement, I forgot to update you on the new member of our home — our new fridge.
Anyway, it came yesterday about 6 pm. Our stuff had been in the coolers for a bit… so I wish it’d come earlier. But whatever — I only ended-up throwing away the mayo and the fry sauce (which was almost empty, otherwise it truly would’ve been a tradgedy). So, they took out the old one (we’re waiting for the city to come pick it up and recycle it) and brought in the new one and totally scratched it on its side. So, Sears has offered me 100 bucks I can apply towards the fridge or a new fridge. The guys put some paint on the scratch and you can hardly see it now, but still — I was REALLY looking forward to a VERY new fridge. I’m thinking the 100 bucks — but what do you guys think? Do you think I can get more then 100? Yes, I am cheap.
Anyway, I was supposed to wait 8-12 hours to put our food in, but stuff was melting, so I waited about 2.5 (the fridge was below 40 degrees) and shoved it all in. I’m gonna have to re-arrange today or tomorrow but I’m very happy at this point. Loving the drawer option. I don’t think it holds as much as our other fridge (which was a side-by-side — and the fridge holds WAY more then the last one)… but onthing’s gonna fall out on me, and most importantly nothing is duct-taped together. :) BTW, I just put the new little poll feature on my sidebar, so let me know what you think. That means YOU. :)
Oh, and I am such a loser. I mean, I have got to suspend my tendancies to buy in bulk. It’s embarassing to see 20 things of polish sausage come out of a cooler, even if they WERE a great deal. Anyway, hopefully since this fridge allows me to see things a bit better, I’ll do better.

Bts sale 2015 long skinny
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  1. says

    I say take the 100 bucks and go buy some new mayo and fry sauce, whatever that is??? So is the fridge making the other appliances looked bad?

  2. says

    I’d take th $100 but then go in and see if they can do anything better. I want to see some pics of this new fridge! Is is white, black or stainless steel?

  3. says

    I would take the 100 bucks and go shopping, can you even see the scratch, more than likely it is going to end up with a few anyways. Glad you guys had fun on your trip.

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