Garden Update

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There is good news, and there’s bad news — and I know ALL of you have been waiting with baited breath since March to know how it’s all going.
First, the bad news: The corn is mostly dead. Not because it wasn’t thriving at some point, but perhaps some of you remember my possum that the tree-trimmers found in my tree… not to mention the voracious squirrel population here… they’ve gotten every single stalk that’s anything to talk about. They driving me insane. I hate them. Next year I’m gonna do the Zuchinni around the corn — I hear that keeps them out (and I don’t‘ blame them because those zucchini plants are painful to be around).
We bought some strawberry plants at Costco, and while they’re doing really well — they haven’t produced much fruit. Well, no fruit up to this point, but I did see a few blossoms on it just this AM — so I have high hopes. Same thing for our raspberry bush. For MONTHS it only had 2 leaves on it — but now it’s sprouting more leaves and I see some buds… I’d LOVE to have LOTS of berries at our house. That’d be YUMMYIOLA.
The peas are dying, we got about 10 off it it, I’m hoping to keep a few on the vine so my mom can have some when she’s here. Keep your fingers crossed. However, peas don’t do real well in warm weather, so this is no shock. I am hoping to re-plant in that area in the fall.
The cilantro — last year we had it go to seed, and it’s gone ALL over the yard but not so much in the pot (Even though I did an entire container of seed in the pot). Does Cilantro just not grow in pots? Am I retarded? Please, don’t answer that.
And now onto the good news:
The beans have given us enough for a couple sides at dinner — a fair amount, and they’re re-populating right now.
The zucchini’s doing really well. I just found a GIANT one this AM that I swear wasn’t there before. I have a yummy recipe for zucchini sticks (you dip them in egg, and then breadcrumbs, then spray-on Pam and bake them in the oven — my kids love to dip them in marinara or pizza sauce).
The tomatoes are on their little way. We have a LOT of grape tomatoes (Conner LOVES those, so that was my plan). Excited for that to get going too.
It’s always fascinating to see what does well and what doesn’t do so well, and learning to try harder next time. It’s definitely a learning process, for sure.

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    The guy at the nursery told me that cilantro mostly grows well in the spring and then it’s done. That’s basically what happened to mine. It was awesomely huge in April and May but not it’s all dying out so I pulled it out and planted a little cucumber plant. I hope you’re berries grow!!!

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