A Good Read

So, recently I heard about the site www.goodread.com and I was intrigued. I like seeing what my friends read and most often those are the books I like most. So, I made an account, and there’s a widget there to the right on my sidebar of the books that I’ve reviewed lately.
Just recently I read the book Twilight and I LOVED it. I highly recommend.
It’s about vampire love — but don’t let your thoughts of Buffy turn you away. I could NOT stop readnig, love that… sometimes is just the thing I need to pull me through my day. So, please make your own good reads list and show them to me, I’m always up for a good book!

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    i am now reading new moon… not quite as good as twilight, but still intriging… (sp?)

    i am a huge fan of anita stansfield! i own everything she has ever written… very good lds romance…