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I am SO into saving money on my groceries lately, I mean — I’ve always been a little excessive on my joy of saving money — but my friend Lara encouraged me to start saving coupons so I’ve been working on that too… and this week I’ve been saving somewhere around 60% of my grocery bill.
So, I just wanted to share what I’ve been using, although I think I’ve shared many of these before.
Grocery Guide — this one helps to show what’s a good, a great and a bad deal in the grocery ads, also if you don’t receive the ads, you can just look on here (although at this time there aren’t pictures)
Coupons and more coupons
I have had some difficulty taking online coupons at some stores, but it’s only been once. Some checkers take them, some don’t… so don’t go crazy printing out a million just to find-out your store doesn’t take them.
Hot Deals — sometimes this site shows you how to work a coupon and deal that a store has going to your benefit.
I have heard that grocery prices are just gonna keep going up and up due to grain and fuel costs. So, every cent matters in my book.
Do you guys have tips? I’m always looking to save MORE. :)

Bts sale 2015 long skinny
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    The grocery prices are scary. I went shopping on Tuesday and I noticed things that I normally buy (and therefore have the prices memorized) were up by as much as 50 cents. It really adds up. I gotta be better about the coupons and ads again. Thanks for the links.

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    My sister in AZ does this awesome thing called “coupon $ense”. It outlines which stores have stuff on sale and how to combine it with coupons…a system to file/organize them all etc. There is a small cost involved, but apparently it’s WAY worth it. They don’t operate here in my small town, but since you’re in a much more metropolitan area, you might check it out.

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    My tip is…don’t live in a town that only has one grocery store, because they can hike prices up all they want! :) My problem with using coupons, is that I don’t buy brand name of anything, and at least with what I’ve tried, using coupons on brand names, rarely makes it cheaper than the generic I buy anyway! So…

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    I’ve heard about the Grocery game and wondered if it worked.Our problem is we only have Safeway and Walmart in our town. Let us know how it goes!

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    I’m so excited that you posted on this. Thanks for the links. I don’t think you have a Super Walmart, but Walmart does price matching, so you can take ads in from other stores and they will match the price. It’s nice cause I don’t have to chase all over town. We are having an enrichement on this later this month. A lady in our ward acutally did a study on when things go on sale (butter around the holidays) and she buys a years worth of butter and freezes it. I’ll let you know what she says.

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