Hello men out there– Happy Fathers day!!!
Drew recently (did you see I added his blog to the sidebar — I’m gonna make you hunt for it) wrote a somewhat morose entry on his blog about father’s day… that it’s about present and how he deserves respect all year (sadly, Conner doesn’t read Drew’s blog)…
So, I set out to show him HOW WRONG HE WAS… Father’s day can be his FAVORITE day of the year.
And, if you’ll forgive me for not writing a longer entry, Drew’s grilling tri-tip, I’m making bruchetta and mushrooms to top the steak with. Frankly, it’s a happy day for everyone.
And, to my own dad… words can’t express what a great father I think you are. Just look at how well I turned-out. {big smile}

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    Finally! I asked you for Drew’s blog a long time ago!

    Thanks for sharing how thankful you are for father’s…me too!