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Today Drew has invited me to help interview the Drum Majors for next year’s marching band. It has sent me whirling back to my own drum major interview. I remember sitting in the room (we did ours in private — with about 10 people interviewing us) and I can’t remember a single question besides “Hilary, what do you think about Sarcasm?”
Freakin’ question.
Move on.
I came up with some PC answer dancing around how it’s my vice, it’s my tool to get through all the dumb in this world. I still was made the DM though… along with Shad Newson, and that’s a WHOLE other story in itself.
But, today is their day. I think I have a few insightful questions that will hopefully help Drew to make the best decision, but also get them thinking if this is something they really want.
Of course, one of the people trying out is one of my most favorite people, but I’ll try and keep that hidden, and remain my objective self.
On another note, I also was taken way-way back when Conner is taking his visit to the zoo today. I remember going to the zoo in First Grade. Back in the day that was my first ride on a school bus, and it was ALL THE WAY to Salt Lake. I couldn’t believe how grown-up I was… alone at the zoo. And now look at me.
I hope he has the best day ever. Too bad there’s no Liger at this particular zoo.

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