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So, I finally licenced the photography business.
I was feeling guilty picking up shoots without one and I’ve had a LOT of interest lately in shoots… so I took the plunge. However, it is apparently a bigger investment of time then of money. The licence only costs 35 dollars, but it took me almost an hour becuase I had to have counseling about using my home as a business (even though the only thing I do at my house is edit the photos, and a rare CD pick-up). Anyway, I’m a little nervous because 20 of the 35$ fee is for a fire department inspection. Besides my kids thinking it is VERY cool if a fireman comes to our house, I just hope they don’t whine at me having my laundry detergent too near my heater.
Anyway, it’s done — I have a temporary number, so now I’m totally ready to become rich. I have a session with one of my favorite seniors (high school, not geriatric). Very excited for that — hoping to be very Tara Whitney-esque.

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  1. says

    Like the new digs! Maybe you have had them for a while, but this is the first that I have seen them!

    Anyway, congrats on being an official business woman! Good luck in your future endeavors!

  2. Amy says

    Good luck with the firemen and the Tara Whitney-esqueness. It’s something I can only dream of aspiring to. I admire your photography skills. I have a dRebel, but I only have minimal skills.

  3. says

    I had the fireman visit for when I got licensed a while back to be a writing tutor. It was very laid back–he just came in (not in uniform), looked around, had me sign something and left. I don’t think you should stress it too much.

  4. says

    Whoa, look at you! You really just do it all, don’t ya? Working woman takes on another official job and all, plus Supermom and wife extrordinare!! Congratulations…and i loved you, ‘i’m totally ready to become rich’ comment….like usual, you always make me laugh! :)

  5. says

    Huh…interesting about the fireman visit. Especially since you don’t do the majority of your shoots at your house. Guess they want to be sure that your computer doesn’t explode while you’re batch processing all those RAW files, eh?

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