Measurement Sunday

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I should probably measure AFTER fast sunday — but today works just as well. Over the last month I’ve lost 2.4 pounds. I still haven’t made it past the magic 200 mark but I’m hopeful for next month. I must say that I don’t think that having my birthday and mother’s day in this month helped very much. I haven’t lost any inches, and in fact I think I’ve gained in most areas, which seems weird. Who knows.
But, I am liking the calorie counting. Overall, pounds are coming off, and I’ve almost lost 9 pounds since I’ve started. I am eating all the things I want, just in moderation (or cutting back in other things in my diet). I feel like it’s something I can stick to.
Oh, and the fridge won’t come til near the end of the month due to their soonest delivery date, but I’m excited for it anyway. Our other fridge is probably near 20 years old. It doesn’t shut all the time anymore, and it only has 1 temperature control, so either our milk freezes or our ice cream is slushy. Also, several of the shelves have broken and are held together with duct tape. The mayonaise hides a giant piece of plastic that has come out somehow… it’s super classy. We bought this one as a very old used fridge when we moved here and we are excited to have our FIRST new fridge of our 10 year marraige. Go us.

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    The fridge is fancy…my friend has the freezer drawer and loves it. Enjoy your big purchase….after 10 years I’m sure you deserve it!

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