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So, I’m home, and I’m hoping to work like a MAD woman (btw, guess who got a shout-out in the company newsletter from the patient surveys — surveys that are taken by the patients after they come home to ask how their care went) — I apparently rock. FYI. I really decreased the stress of labor. I’m re-thinking naming myself epidural. :)
Anyway, I wanted to give you a little idea of how our trip went — some tips for any of you going these places:
So, for today the San Diego Zoo:
We had a great time here, and I highly recommend getting the buss pass, and paying attention to where it says up and down on the map. I really thought I might die on one of the uphill pushes with the stroller. I have one word for my nursing friends: “Angina.” :) Anyway we loved the polar bears, the bus ride and the shows were fun too. You need a stroller, and water… there’s a lot of walking involved in the zoo… but totally worth it. Especially the polar bears.
Did I mention the polar bears made the whole day worthwhile?
Just checking.
BTW, we ended-up getting memebership to the San Diego zoo, it ended-up being cheaper (and tax-deductible) to do that then to get day passes for both locations for all of us. Email me if you want info.
Guess whose fridge is coming today… in the next few hours. :)

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