Summers here, summer’s here…

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Well, the dog days of summer have arrived, the AC is on and I’m ready to sit by the pool and try and make it so my legs aren’t translucent.
I always start the summer with thoughts of good times with the family, lots of fun, lots of good weight-losing activities (bike rides would be a nice start) but then I start working more and more and those thoughts give way to dreams of sleep.
Of course, a little extra money ain’t a bad thing either. :)
Happy summer everyone! Do you guys have big plans for your families?
Oh yeah, and I stand firm in giving each blade of grass in my lawn the moisture they so richly deserve.
Go team.

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  1. says

    Like you I have all kinds of good intentions. Not many of them see the light of day though.

    I did get the chest of drawers painted this morning…now just to do the dresser.

  2. says

    Yeah summer! No more work for me but I have been busier than ever. I have my no pay grunt work at the flip house and helping Matt with a couple of estate sales. Where do you go swiming? I may join the elks lodge – so funny to say that. To use their pool. I also got the kids passes to Great America.

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