There’s a Brand New Chill in the Air Today!

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Well, there won’t be a chill for quite some time, actually.
BUT, Drew and I have had the same sorry little used fridge since we moved here in 2001. We bought it used and it’s done well.. until recently. It has only one control so the fridge either freezes stuff, or the ice cream is melty… it’s quite sad.
Anyway, tonight Drwe and I went on our date night to Sears and brought a brand new fridge. We’re much, much poorer now (although officially there’s no payment due for a year)… but we’re excited to have it reside in our home soon…
I hate big purchases… but I’m surprisingly much better at making those decisions then I am at the grocery store trying to decide on silly little things….

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    Getting new appliances are so fun! Yes, expensive. But there is seriously something very refreshing about knowing you are the FIRST person ever to put your gallon of milk into an immaculately clean fridge. We got one a year ago when we moved into our home and I love it still – and I’m happy to say it stays pretty tidy most of the time. I even labeled the shelves.

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