The TV was buggin’

So, I had a little time to sit down, relax and watch some DVR, and instead I just got bugged.
Studio 60. Yes, sports medicine doctors ALWAYS take care of OB patients, and they always leave them in the ER esp. when the baby is in the 80’s, and we for SURE make sure the cord will just unwind from the baby’s neck. Yeah, and we eat a lot of bon-bons too…. freaks, seriously, was that NBC or a youtube presentation?
So you Think You can Dance. I wasn’t bugged by who was kicked of (BTW, did Ricky give anyone else the heebie jeebies — the gross hair, the gross teeth, the ugly outfits he’d wear dancing… yucky-ola). WHAT WAS BENJI THINKING? I mean, I don’t want to see anyone’s underwear but can you imagine all the people he’d touched on his mission, and what THEY thought of that?
Maybe they should call it “can you give me the heebie jeeebies”….

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    I just posted on Carly’s blog about this. But yes – Benji’s little stunt was sad and embarassing. Last season I tolerated him, now he buuuuugs. I hope they don’t have him back on to “dance” anymore. Sheesh!