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Alrighty peeps, I am a rockin’ girl blogger — at least that’s what my friend Lara says. Frankly — I am. I could fill many a book with this fine blog (and I’d like to find a decent way to do that if anyone has any thoughts). So, it looks like I’m supposed to pass it on… and while Lara already named a few favorites of mine (herself, Kayla Aimee and Shannon’s in particular) I will try to share some of my other favorites:

Slices of Light by Emily Kate — she is a school teacher (and heavens knows I love a good teacher), and just has good stories. Love to hear all the Utah stuff. :)

{me} by Tara Whitney — she is obviously cooler then me. But I sure love her photos, I strive to look as fun as she does. It’s hard to look something you are most decidedly not. :)

NDG by Nora — I just love all the color and scrapbook pages on this blog. She’s not necessarily my style, but I do love her use of color.

And Baby Makes 3 by Brittany — close nursing friend. She just has some good ideas on life. I appreciate a blog that not only has the mundane of everyday life, but thoughts on how to make your life better, or what works for them. Brit totally does that.

Sheesh, I’ve already posted Joanna’s but since she’s a great photographer, and has childrens similarly aged as mine, I love hers too.

Mostly I tend to gravitate towards blogs of women who love their families, make them their universe — but also tend to take some trips to other universes. Moms who garden, who scrapbook, who photograph, who sew. And most of all, moms who are funny.
THAT is what makes a rockin’ girl blogger. :)

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    You are a rockin’ girl blogger for sure! Who got me started on this whole blog thing anyway…YOU! Thanks for the compliments! You’re awesome!

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