Gluey Fingers

Condolences for me please, I have a class tomorrow. I hate classes. My brain doesn’t really work like a full-time person’s brain works… Luckily, it’s NRP so I know most of the answers by heart (since we do it a lot), but still… filling in those bubbles, etc. I just have the urge to make cute little patterns.
Speaking of little patterns, I got cancelled from work tonight, so I was able to go to enrichment (I was cancelled last enrichment too — weird stuff). We were just getting together to work on projects we already had. I bought some new beads when I went with my mom to the bead fair in San Mateo, so I worked on those. I did one of them on elastic, but I had to superglue the ends (per my mom). I did, and then I glued my fingers together. Thankfully, they were just in the sticky stage, and I didn’t have to peel off any skin — but it’s like I have a second skin now, and it’s totally buggin’.
But, I will look so uber-stylin’ in my new necklace and bracelet (which, btw, do NOT match).

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    good luck at NRP, you’ll be fine. Try some nail polish remover on your fingers to get off the glue. I did that when I tried to super glue a piece of my sunglasses together. I got it all over and then I asked my mom to help and she got stuck to me. Not fun, but nail polish remover worked.