Goin’ to the temple?

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Well, not until you get a new temple recommend, at least according to my bishopbric. Problem is, NO ONE I know from outside our ward or stake has heard of this.
Word from the pulpit is that we’ll be getting new recommends with something akin to a UPC that we’ll scan to get into the temple. That will keep people who don’t active temple recommends out of the temple, etc. I guess it’s a security measure.
Have you heard of it?
Poor bishopbrics and stake presidents will have to renew everyone’s recommend.
Sad, but true. My condolences to all bishopbric families.
PS, cake is out of the oven, out of the pan and cooling. I believe I will freeze it tonight and cut/frost it in the AM. New poll on the right (I took the 100 bucks from Sears, and ran).

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  1. says

    Are you serious?! I haven’t heard anything about that! Well, that should be lots and lots of fun. Well, have fun studying your NRP, I am jealous!

  2. says

    Interesting. Not sure I get it…so if you go inactive before your recommend expires your bishopric can put a “hold” on it so you can’t go to the temple or something? Joel and I just went last week with our old ones and we have a year left to go. Oh well, if we weren’t doing the 2 year thing anymore we’d have had to renew by now anyway.

    Good luck with your cake!!

  3. says

    Got my new one already! The interview with bishopric member was about 2.5 minutes long and the Stake Pres. portions was less than a minute! Stake interview part was offered DURING the Sunday School block of church…people just lined up walking in and walking out! If you’re anywhere near needing to renew yours the interviews will be the same as always, but for those with a long time left on theirs, it’s quick and easy!

  4. says

    I haven’t heard about this! Holy cow!! And to think I was stoked I didn’t renew mine for another two years since I just got it renewed.

    Let’s not bring up the fact that i got in to the temple last month without showing my recommend and a camera… both entirely an accident… maybe they need to beef up security for persons such as myself :)

  5. says

    My Mom e-mailed me about this last week and I thought she was slightly nuts and had maybe misunderstood what had been said in Sacrament Meeting. Guess I should remember that MOM IS ALWAYS RIGHT!!!!

    Wow – what a nightmare for Bishopric’s families for sure!!!!

    As for me – I have that image in my mind of that bank commercial where they staple the guy’s code to his head and then the lady is trying to scan his forehead to access his account. . .

  6. eliza says

    I’ve heard of it. The portland temple is changing over to that new system also. Locals need to get new recommends by end of September. However, not all temples are doing this so they will still accept the “old” recommends.

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