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I’m teaching my first lesson today… most likely my last… I tend to want to put just a hint of false doctorine in a lesson — you know, just to make sure people are awake.
However, today’s lesson is on forgiveness… hard to come-up with some new falst docturine on forgiveness… but that doesn’t keep me from trying.

Drew and I are taking turns over the new Harry Potter book. Last time we bought 2 and gave one to my neice, but this time I felt like we could only splurge on one copy (thanks to Walmart for delivering it yesterday). So far, it’s good stuff….
Anyone else reading it?
Lara? Have you finished it?
We all need lives.
It’s official.

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    Yep. I finished by Winnemucca. And so I re read a bunch of it for extra understanding. I even had to read parts of it out loud to Joel since he was needing to know why I was gasping/crying/bitinig my lips. Loved it. Can’t wait to talk more about it….:)

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