Happy Birthday Conner

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Unlike the cake episode, the birthday came without a hitch. After my little freak-out, we took the train up to Palo Alto, ate lunch at the creamery and picked up my neice (btw, split a sandwich at the creamery — they’re huge, as well they should be for the price), rode the train back, then Drew took Conner and Grace to Chuck E Cheese, Spencer and I ran to the party store for a few favors and a balloon for the birthday boy. Then, it was home for macaroni and cheese with grandama and grandpa, then the Popes came over along with the Yuens for presents and cake. The cake was fairly sugary and gross, if you ask me… but you didn’t, so I digress.
It was a great day for a great boy. It’s fun to shower your kids with love. So often I’m worried about things with them, but a birthday is just for fun… just as it should be.

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    Sounds wunderbar!

    And yes, the fact that you made a cake and made a big deal is what he’ll remember…not that the cake was gross or whatever. :)

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    Happy Birthday Conner! He and Kenton are twins – same birthday! (And same trauma with the not so youthful vaginal wall here. . .)

    Sounds like a fun-filled day and how AWESOME are you to make that cake?! Even if you were cursing at it! :O)

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