So, I finished Harry Potter. I loved it, I won’t give away the ending to you, my peeps, but I will say I wanted more aftermath… and frankly, I find myself wanting that in a LOT of things… most of the books I read, more of the movies I watch.
I want to know what happens AFTER. I am a sucker for a sequel, although they are rarely as good as the regular thing. Mostly, I just want another 15 minutes. Something that says if they got along once they were married, something that shows they built a better life for themselves.
Framkly, I like neat little bows, I like a story with a neat little bow on top.
In other news, I finally printed myself up some business cards. I’ve been toying with the idea of having them printed by a professional printer. Do you any of you have busines cards you got done fairly cheaply?

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    I needed that epilogue to be about 30 pages longer with major details about everyone’s lives. Yeah.

    The book was awesome, though. :)

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    I did my business cards at mpix (after having some problems using Vista Print) and they looked FABULOUS. Decently priced, though I’m sure Vista was cheaper. I was really picky about my logo being the right color tho.