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People were screaming in the isles, dropping at my feet, loving my lesson… actually, I think they really did like it… but I worry if I made anyone want to change anything about their lives. Except me — I think I learned quite a lot about forgiveness.
An interesting topic came-up in class. Two women argued (argued is for-sure not the right word, but I can’t think of a better one) between if forgiveness needs to be a final act — which you only have to do once and then the person is officially forgiven, or if it’s a fire that needs to be built initially — but you have to keep feeding it with thoughts and feelings of forgiveness.
I tend to lean towards the latter. I mean, oftentimes I’ll feel like I’ve forgiven someone but then I see them and feelings come back up — and I’m in my head mentally pushing the feelings out the back door of my brain.
However, Heavenly Father does forgive us fully the first time and doesn’t think about it and loves us fully from then on. Of course, I believe lots of that has to do with the fact that Heavenly Father loves us perfectly. Like, my kids — I mean, they’ve done plenty of awful things, but even though in the moment I want to pluck all their air off I get over it pretty quickly and those feelings don’t usually creep back up on me. So, there you go. No false doctrine, sad… next time’s lesson is on reverence… if anyone needs to be more reverent it’s me. No kiddin‘.

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  1. says

    You are a rockstar! I enjoyed the lesson and the commentary. Regarding the difference of opinion that arose, I’ll give my two cents just because I can. It seems to me that if we were perfect we could forgive once and the issue would never surface again. It’s true Heavenly Father can grant us forgiveness and the issue is done. But since we arn’t perfect souls (yet) we have to work on this concept. At least I do, meaning even after I’ve “forgiven” someone I still will occasionally think of the trespass but try to remind myself it’s already been dealt with. It would be great if it was wiped from my memory but that’s just not the way my little mind works.

  2. says

    Yay for you! I’m sure your lesson most definitely rocked.

    And, my pet thing in forgiveness lessons is that so many people think that in order to “truly forgive” you have to be best friends with the person or something. Inevitably, I raise my hand and explain that forgiveness is not the same as trust. If someone molests my child, I can forgive (it’d be hard) but I will never trust that person with my children again. And the Lord doesn’t expect us to. Forgiveness is not for the person I’m forgiving as much as it is for me.

  3. says

    isnt it fun to teach though? i love it cause i get to see so many points of views on the subject. JUST AS YOU ALL DID! when the R.S. has discussions it is great cause you have the young married and the forever married of all ages in there giving opinons. crazy how they are so different but so alike just cause the doctrine and what we have been taught has never changed. anyways im going off on this but i love teaching and each topic that i have taught has been PERFECT for me. WAY TO GO!!!

  4. Pili says

    I wish i could have heard your whole lesson – the mother’s lounge doesn’t catch everything and the mother’s in there seemed more interested in gabbing rather than listening. But, i agree wiht you when it comes to forgiveness, except that a couple of times in my life when i have fully forgiven someone i have been filled with overwhelming love for the person, that even to this day just overflows when i think of them. Maybe that’s a little closer to how Heavenly Father feels when he forgives us, so absolute and full of love for us. I think that’s what we need to acheive with forgiveness, something the Ahmish folks obviously understand pretty well. Thank you for the wonderful lesson and i look forward to “reverance” – this time i won’t miss it!

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