It’s Cake Time

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So, it’s nice that my kids are almost 6 months apart during the year, so I can recouperate and gird up my loins for yet ANOTHER jump into the world of cake making.
Conner has requested this one.
For those of you too lazy to click on that, it’s a spaceship cake. I have to do a 9X13 basic cake and then I have to take it out of the pan and cut off parts of it to be the rest of the spaceship.
Me, cutting cake AFTER pulling out OUT of the pan, most likely in one piece.
Is anyone else sensing a recipe for disaster?
Do I make the cake tomorrow and freeze it?
Do I do it when the cake is fresh (although obviously cooled)?
Should I just go in the corner and start sucking my thumb now before the house caves in?
Please people, I need advice.

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  1. miranda says

    Really cute cake idea. You can buy special baking spray for cake pans. (I got mine at Michaels in the cake isle) It worked really good on the cakes I made for E. I found that cakes are also a lot easier to frost when they are frozen. Hope this helps…

  2. says

    Cool cake – I’m sure he’ll love it. I’d put parchment paper in the bottom of the pan and use baking spray that Miranda mentioned. And then after the cake is cooled (and chilled in the fridge helps) carve out the shape. It stays firmer and less crumbly that way.

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