No Pictures

I finished my class, and promptly came home to a HUGEMONGOUS headache.
Thankfully, Drew let me take a little nap and I’m feeling better.
Perhaps I’ll do some pictures of my fine beading another time.
It rained here today.
First time ever, on July 18th, word on the radio this am.
It’s so rare for a first anymore.
I don’t think I should write blogs pumped-up on tylenol anymore.
BUT, I do have to say that I am meeting my life-long blog friend Lara tomorrow. Now coincidences of coincidences is Lara and my story. She saw my blog off of 2P’s (scrapbook website) and I saw hers, and I noticed that she’d had 2 or 3 blogs on almost the exact same topics as my blog, so we started emailing, turns out she married a guy I knew in high school and I married Drew, and he’s a guy they both knew in college. Anyway, isn’t it a small world?
Lara and I only had a chance meeting at Brick Oven last summer, but they’re spending their anniversary in the bay and have deemed us important enough to spend a night with. We’re going to Absinthe and then to the symphony. So, we’re going from talking daily online (and by daily, I mean all day every day, almost — when she went into the hospital with extremem morning sickness, I still called her, because I needed my Lara fix) to a real date.
It’s even a grown-up date, I am very excited.

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    Ohhhh! Have so much fun! Lara and Joel are such awesome people! We loved getting to hang out with them and their girls when we were in Cedar this summer! And lucky you guys to get to go on a REAL GROWN-UP DATE!

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    Wow! How fun! ENjoy! :) (And also, thanks for making me freaking paranoid that I have strep and haven’t done anything about it for 5 days!)