My friend Cindy took the gigantic leap into the world of 3 kids just last week. She was gracious enough to let me come take their pictures today.

Yes, I am aware that Owen is a boy… but this song just fit too perfectly, and he most defintely belongs to everyone in that house. I fear some of them might love the little dude to pieces. :) So, sing along that he’s gonna be a big boy too… K?

Cindy, congrats and good luck with everything!

(P.S. the mamma part is pretty dang true too)

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  1. eliza says

    He is a cutie – the pictures went by so fast that I had to watch it a couple of times to see them all.

  2. says

    yeah for Cindy, it makes me feel a little bit better about my situation, if she can do it maybe I can. And he is adorable and his pics are two good job.