A Rockin’ Fourth

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Although the fourth of July in Utah is much more exciting then the 4th of July here, my parents made the LONG journey to our house for a little visit. Words can’t experess our excitement since my parents haven’t come out in almost a year (my mom was here for Halloween, but my dad hasn’t been out). The kids are overjoyed and to put the whole whipped cream, cherry and nuts (if nuts are your preference) my brother and his family are living in the area for 6 weeks. HO-RAY, look at us with family in the area!!!!!
So, instead of a parade when I feel the sweat start at the base of my neck and drip off my bum I went to work yesterday AM (a bit of filthy lucre to assist in my my mom and my shopping journeys), a little bike ride in the head of the noonday sun, swimming, BBQ’ing with family, and then off to the park where NO ONE else was to watch fireworks. I mean, we got there and not a single soul, so I was a tad bit concerned about seeing them but it was perfect, we saw them just over the tip of the trees, and the noise wasn’t loud enough to make Spencer cry out in sadness.
So, just a perfect fourth of july just to remind me of the freedoms we’re so lucky to have.

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    Are Utahans just more patriotic? Arizona 4th of July celebrations were just not very great. I attributed it to the awful heat…but still…happy to be in Utah, and more specifically, Provo for the 4th.

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    So how come your brother is out here for only 6 weeks? We went to the downtown fireworks show with thousands of other pepople but it was bareable.

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