Summer Frenzy

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Marching band is just weeks away. I feel like it’s creeping up on us like something from the enchanted forest in Harry Potter… I make no bones that it’s my least favorite time of year… and here it comes. BUT, before it does, that doesn’t mean I can’t make my husband clean this house from TOP TO BOTTOM every inch of it. :)
So, on Tuesday it was the main bathroom, yesterday it was the kids room, with both of us diving into the never-ending chain of children’s too bit/too small/just right clothing, and today it’s the computer area and the bookshelf behind it.
Oh, the horror.
But, nothing makes me happier then to have a clean house. Well, maybe if marching band season got rained out… but clean house will have to do. :)
It’s just a perk of having a husband home all summer, although I doubt the word perk is the first one that comes to HIS mind. :)

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  1. says

    I tend to go through the kids’ clothes each time I do laundry – makes it feel a little less overwhelming to me.

    I am chuckling over the “Well, maybe if marching band season got rained out… but clean house will have to do. :)” comment – picturing never ending rain for a couple of months or so!

  2. EK says

    I LOVe purging rooms. My husband? Not so much. I wouldn’t say he’s a packrat but he doesn’t see any reason to randomly throw unused things away. I wanted to purge the house so bad this summer and haven’t had time. But I’m hoping to have time when we pack everything to move! No sense moving things we don’t use.

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