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So, now there are 2 things I am no longer allowed to play with. One being bleach, and the 2nd being super glue. I’ve ruined about 3 pairs of kahki pants (always Kahki, who knows?) due to bleach, and yesterday I freaked-out all day trying to figure out how to get super glue off my glasses (I was fixing a necklace and somehow when I popped the bead in, the glue popped-up and onto my glasses — in retrospect it’s lucky I wore glasses or it’d been in my eye). So, I’d seen that acetone might ruin the finish on your glasses, and I called me optomitrist and they confirmed that i’d probably just have to get a new lens (uh huh, funny that THEY wanted to sell me that lens)… so, in a last ditch attempt I used some fingerpolish remover on an old pair, it didn’t ruin them so I tried it and it WORKED. Now, it wasn’t straight acetone, and it did involve a bit of rubbing, but I wasn’t bitter about that. It’s gone now. I’m so happy. :)
So, I finally got to go to work yesterday, it’d been a while since I played adult. I really had to play adult yesterday. My manager got a tad snippy with me in a really crisis-type situation, and then she came and apologized profusely… it was amusing. If only she knew how many managers I’ve had since I started this job…. she’s nice though, and she’s lucky that I just found it amusing instead of leaving her to her own crisis situation.
I feel like I’m deeply intrenched in how little money we have lately. I haven’t worked very much this summer and I just keep checking our bank account and wondering how it’s all gonna work out. I mean, I know it’ll work out. We’re not by any means down to our last dollar… sometimes a girl just lacks faith… and I just realized last night that’s what I was doing. I needed to stop praying to get more money, and to start praying to relax about it, and figure out better ways to spend my money more wisely… interesting how that goes, isn’t it?

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    good work with the fingernail polish remover, works like a charm! My teacher in nursing school said that positive thinking helped her get more money (she was our alternative medicine teacher…you know what I mean). She told us to just say in our heads, “money is coming to me now, money is coming to me now.” Try it a few times and then once you feel crazy enough, sign up for a few more shifts…haha.

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    Yeah….you’ll be okay. I keep wondering how we’ll survive the rest of the summer, but so far, so good.
    And we have done much better at only buying what we need. Unless you count Absinthe. :)

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