We’re All Different

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So, today I just had weird patients. Well, 1 patient who screamed for near an hour… it’s amazing I can hear anything at this point. Another doctor who can’t pull his head out long enough to give proper orders, and then another patient that I would just call different.
At first I’d say fa-reaky…
But, after looking at her more, I realized she’s just different. She had very strong opinions on what was best for her and her children (much like myself) they were just VERY different then what I would’ve done. If I looked at everyone that was different and called them a freak, I’d be saying that about a LOT of people, which — by the very definition of the word freak, wouldn’t BE a freak….
But, I digress… just thinking about how we’re all different and how it’s OK… I am very different from you for instance. But, we seem to get along, don’t we?
Went to Harry Potter tonight, very cool movie. Wish I’d done a book review before going.
Does that make me a freak?

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    Yeah, we do tend to be a little afraid of opinions and things that are too different from our own.

    But she was a little odd, from what you told me. :)

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    So you liked the movie? Did you rearead the book before? Hmmm – email your thoughts. I was thinking it would be fun to do a book club thing on the last Harry Pottoer book – boo hoo. Ok – speaking of freaks…I’m a freak!

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