10 Really {gloriously} Long Years

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With my kids pulling me down into the depths of despair as of late, I forgot to even do more then grumble at my husband “Happy Anniversary” yesterday.
10 years peeps.
That’s right, I have been married 10 years.
I can’t really believe it.
I mean, it’s been a long 10 years. Drew and I have practically grown-up together. We’ve both graduated college while married, gotten our first real jobs, bought 2 vehicles, bought a crazy-expensive (although, not big) house, had 2 kids. It’s amazing what’s happened in 10 years.
I can’t imagine doing it next to someone else. We perfectly fit each other. The things he freaks out over, I am calming (mind you, those things are few) and the vastly larger number of things I freak out about he’s there to lend a steady hand.
It’s good to know a hand is there…
Love you Drew, here’s to another million more.
As I think back to our wedding day, it was most likely one of the longest days of my life. If you can believe it, we sent-out 1100 wedding invitatons. We had probably 600 people come to our reception that night, and another 300 or so to the Mink Creek reception the next night. That was a very long weekend, and it felt nice to settle into our very tiny apartment the next week.
Go us.

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  1. says

    Happy ten years! Wow! :)

    I have never met another person who sent out more wedding invites than we did…we had 900. And now, you are the record holder.

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