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People, I had big plans, I’m gonna clean I’m gonna have happy kids it’s gonna be the BEST END OF SUMMER EVAH!!!! Well, frankly — that’s tiring. I mean, I’m keeping up with all of it, and I think it’s all grand but MAN did I want to get out of the house last night! Of course, I didn’t. I was tired, and I still had a bit to do and I thought I should see my husband for at least 20 minutes. And of course, there was “So You Think you can Dance” (go Sabra).
So, I’m back to working once a week, I’m back to the regular grind…. and I’m not totally sure I can take it.
I know I just have to ease back into it… like a cold pool.
Just gotta get past my lungs.
I’m just hoping my life is shallow enough I don’t drown……
BTW, the band aid thing is working miaracles… he’s loving the band aid and he’s not sucking. And yes, if it was infrequent I’d probably let it go, but the kid wants to suck his thumb ALL THE TIME, and he sometimes just does it to bug me — “look mom, I sucking my thumb.” Uh huh…

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    I’m tunning in to your thumb stories. Maya still has a paci at nap and night time. The only reason for that is she started sticking her thumb in her mouth to compensate when I didn’t give it to her. So I backed down for fear of the thumb. Do you think she’s intentionally threatening me?

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