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Have you guys read this Ensign Article? It’s entitled “Crossing Thresholds and Becoming Equal Partners”. Even if you’re not LDS it does bring really important things to the table. I was browsing the Ensign while Drew and I were making some last minute stops before our trip up north last weekend. I saw the picture of the harried wife and the husband who just needs a bit of time to relax after work and I totally identified.
The main part of the article, at least to me, was how you’re not supposed to be independent of other but interdependent and I thought that was a message the world needs to hear.
Do you allow your husband his 5 minutes, and then does he come in and happily help or does it go the other way… “DREW, I am SO tired of these kids I don’t care WHO was bugging you today you get over HERE.” I know, as a wife, I feel as though I can demand that type of attention from him since he helped produce this offspring just as much as I did.
I think that in the women’s movement a lot that was lost was the fact that husband and wife are a team. We’re not both pulling to make it in our own worlds, we’re pulling together.
Which brings me to the point that marching band starts TODAY (yes, school doesn’t start for another 3 weeks, why do you ask?)… that means me, home with the kids and a very tired husband when he gets home.
So, I have some goals for myself. I’m going to try not to be the harried mom throwing the mac and cheese box at her husband. I’m also going to make it a happy end-of-summer for my kids. I also want to make me a better person, and since I’m done working so often I think it’s something I can work on. One of my main pet peeves about our house is that it’s not clean in the AM. So, for August I want to work on cleaning up every evening after I put the kids to bed. Just 5 minutes, to make sure all the dishes are put away and the counters are clean, that kind of thing. I think it’ll help make my day a happier one.
Go moms, we can make the world a better place… one child or husband at a time.

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    That article caught my eye for sure. I think all of us can work on being more “interdependent” and not so independent or dependent on our husbands. Good work with evening cleanings. I’ve been trying that too and it makes the mornings a lot smoother.

  2. says

    Wow, sounds like an article I must read….and soon!

    As far as cleaning up before going to bed…it makes ALL the difference in the world for me. Just to straighten up and have the kitchen ready for a new day makes me able to begin again the next day not already overwhelmed at how behind I am! Good luck!

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