The Hardest Decision

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Drew and I are embarking on a weekend of festivity for our 10 year anniversary but beforehand I had to do a bit of cleaning (shocking but true).
So, I was cleaning out some old papers we had from our times in Utah and I came across our old paycheck stubs. Drew received a grand total of 1594 for an entire month of teaching, and my paycheck stub (I think I got 2 a month) averaged to around 90 bucks… some more, some less… So, we were living off of around 1800 dollars/month.
And then came the decision to move.
The decision to come to CA was most definitely the hardest of our marriage, harder then having kids, harder then buying a minivan… harder then buying this house. It was hard stuff. Particularly hard on me because I had a 1 year old who was already very attached to grandparents.
I was just looking back at the times in our lives when we have to make big deicisons, and how it’s the big decisions that pay-off… and in this case the payoff has been apparent. It’s also showed that prayer and bringing God into our decisions is what provides success, even if it’s difficult.
I had no idea we’d ever live in CA… and NO idea we’d live here this long when we moved here. I have always tried to share with those un-married how the choice you make in a mate shapes all the other choices in your life. I don’t think I comprehended it at 21 (I know I didn’t), but again, just another good deicison made with the Lord’s help with giant dividends. Here’s to another million more years of marriage.

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