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So, we woke up this morning to a screaming Spencer, he said his neck hurts. Drew (by some miracle) got him to go back to sleep til’ around 7:30 when again he was screaming that his neck hurt. So, I tried to play simon says with him, try and get him to loosen it up. I try to check his glands and immediately my mind washes over every single bad thing it could be — cancerous lesions of the spinal collumn, meningitis, freaky-neck-problems. Anyway, I took his temperature to rule-out the meningitis — no fever. I called the ever-informative Kaiser (not) and they said that kids this little can get neck spasms just like you or I might. They recommended taking away his pillow for a few nights and putting a roll under his neck (good luck to me). So, that’s where we’re at right now.
I did offer him a pop tart to get off my bed and come out to the kitchen. Prior to that he woudln’t walk on his own or hold his head up so that was a big step.
I did realize that I am the queen of thinking of EVERY bad thing it could be. It’s a real talent. Go me.
I have an evaluation at work today. Wishing it was my old manager who priased me for being a stay at home mom. Hopefully this one will be so nice.

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