Marching band and its side effects

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So, today is the last official day of band camp. Drew also starts his paid portion of his job. Teachers who work during the summer are supposed to get paid. However, Drew asked his principal about it and he said that this is Drew’s CHOICE to work band camp, hence no payment.
So, today he starts meetings that he has no choice-in (and his well-equipped staff does band camp while Drew checks-in between meetings.
I, on the other hand, am totally gaining weight from this whole band experience. Maybe it’s the transistion of it all… it could quite well be the 1/4 platter of cheese fries from chilis I had last night but MAN it’s no good.
So, I’m asking you for the fun snacks you guys have that are crunchy and statisfying for the alone woman, yet fine for her thighs as well.
In my defense (and marching band’s, I guess, as well) I’ve had a few girls night out recently (one being last night) and that will soon end. I’ll be nice to be into the routine of school.
6 days peeps.
6 days.

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