Missionaries for din-din

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Our ward now has 2 sets of missionaries, and we were lucky enough to have BOTH of them for dinner last night. Thankfully our house is big enough because you do feel a tad outnumbered with that many elders there.
This month we’ve been filming re-inactments of scripture stories. I haven’t had the will to put them on the internet yet, but don’t you worry I’m sure they’ll be on soon. The elders and our family acted out Shadrach Meshack and Abindigo… it’s pretty humerous. Maybe I’ll upload later today. I know the missionaries were excited to give the link to all their family. :)
We did talk to them about how we could better share the joy of the gospel. I don’t know that I exude my Mormon glow from every pore, but I do know that the gospel brings me almost every joy in my life. I’d like to share that more frequently.
Of course, there’s lots of things I’d like to do… like upload videos. :)

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    That is one of my favorite stories. Have you ever seen the Veggie Tales verison? It is really cute! I always think that must have been an amazing thing to see!

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