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Drew and I went to Half Moon Bay for our anniversary weekend last weekend. We stayed at the Goose and Turrets bed and breakfast. Now, a bed and breakfast is always a gamble — you never know what the owner’s gonna be like… or what the food will be like. When I walked in, I thought this was a replica of my grandpa’s house — knick-knacks as far as the eye could see… but it turned-out to be good. Comfortable beds and ammentities. They do serve an afternoon tea, with some yummy goodies (even if you don’t want to drink the tea) and a four-course breakfast in the AM… the company at breakfast was the best. Interesting to share thoughts with people all over the country. All in all a good stay.

We had dinner at the montara bistro, which was GREAT. We had a coupon which made it a super deal. The food was some of the best we’ve had and we were SO full after.

We even did romantic stuff like go to the beach in and watch the sunset (aka, Hilary plays with her camera). However, we’re just not up for that stuff around our kids. I’m always on top of the time and feeling like we have a lot to do, and in Half Moon Bay we were able to let that all go. So often I get caught-up in our sorry little lives, I forget why we got married, I forget how much fun we can have when people are bombarding us with questions from all angles.

Here’s to a 2 day vacation next year. :)

Bts sale 2015 long skinny
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    Sounds like a really fun and romantic weekend. Like the pictures. We only stayed at a B&B once in Hawaii and it was not for me. We left after one night to find a real hotel.Like you said you never know…Are you signed up for next year?!

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    Yea for you to get a few days away! How DID you take that sunset picture…propped in the sand? Someone snap it for you? Just wondering! Aaron and I stayed in a super quirky, but very comfortable B&B in Seaside and loved every minute of it! I say plan it again for next year!!

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